About Me

I am very happy you are here. I am Giannis Vrahoritis and I am a professional photographer.

I like coffee and driving, I’m always looking for time to travel and become a better person.

My camera offcourse, cannot be missing from my backpack and that’s why you see miscellaneous photos that betray what I like to do. I like shooting couples, people and their everyday cherished moments, it has been a strange erge from the beginning! I love the feeling of seeing their faces as they look at my photos, these are their stories! These are the stories I’m trying to speak out through my work and my camera is my way to do so. I do not bother / annoy couples on their wedding day at all. I really want them to experience their moments, with smiles, a lot of emotion, tears of joy and I will get the photos I love, so I move as discreetly as I can so as not to distract them from what they are living through on that day! Of course our lives are full of photos and not just on this day, I will be happy to travel together with you (either with your wedding outfits or not) for photo shoots on any other day! See you out there!

  • "We contacted Giannis after watching some pics he made for our friends. The environment and the light he uses was exactly what I was looking for. I was almost 8 months pregnant, and we wanted something very especial. Together we chose some places, and the afternoon light made the rest. Giannis used two cameras to create different lighting for each emplacement, and helped us to pose and find the angles. The results were amazing. Almost 200 photos, impossible to choose just even 30 to print! All of them were natural, romantic, and very especial... the best shooting we have ever had!"
    Didac and Anna
  • "We worked flawlessy together! We coudn't excpect anything else! We were simply ourselves and with you next to us, capturing our every moment with sweetness, discretion and courtesy to your work. Carefull executed project and presented at the exact time of aggreement. We wish you all the best! Keep creating lovely memories because at the end that's what matters! We suggest Giannis with no second thought!"
    Christos and Ioanna
  • "We were looking for a photographer who would capture and not 'set up' our special moments. Our choice proved us right! The shots are true, from the begining up the next day shooting.  Discreet presence, un-stressful and very helpful for us to live it through as we wished! Proverbial proffessionalism. We have enjoyed every moment of our cooperation, as we will enjoy for our whole life the result of his work."
    Giorgos and Thalia
  • "We absolutly loved Giannis's work! He took photos of my pregnancy and after when our baby boy was 5 months. He is kind and very talent. We had problem to choose which photos we love more! Were two special moments and we couldnt choose better the person to register those moments. Thank for everything! Best regards, Gabriella, Rodrigo e Vicente."
    Rodrigo and Gabriella
  • "It was a real privilege and pleasure to have Giannis with us at the most important and early first event of our common life. Giannis managed with his discreet presence to capture amazingly our love, our happiness, our memories… If you dream of a wedding album with candid and spontaneous pictures of people, décor and action, Giannis is definitely the best of his kind!
    Giorgos and Mary

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