Labros and Froso united their love in a very romantic and historical town which was ofcourse, Rome. A very simple yet classy and elegant wedding day in the frosty, spicy winter season in Italy! I believe that sounds as good as it really is! Our bride looked so fair, wearing her loveliest smile throughout the day. Froso gave us a stroke of the latest trend by wearing pantone blue velvet heels, corresponding to her earrings and flowers. She wore a long total white dress, emphasizing it with a lovely white spotted top, and a neat pony tail to portray her face. Labros, our groom, equally left us speechless in his smart formal black suit, that made their appearance together, one to remember. With the beautiful blue sky and vivid sunlight, we ventured to capture magical moments through the old, narrow, stone-paved streets of Rome, taking advantage of sights as Piazza Di Spagna, The Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and last but not least, The Vatican. It is truly one of my favorite places to work. The reception followed along in a traditional Italian restaurant amongst twenty guests consisting of friends and family. It was an amazing day cuddled by beautiful feelings and wonderful aesthetics and a lot of love! Thank you both for sharing your dream with me, and always remember:  “La Vita e Bella”