Miltos and Stavroula, What can I say? Where should I start? Everything was harmonious. A beautiful wedding to remember. Stavroula selected a slight clouded wedding dress with sparkling touches around the edges ending up in a super romantic open back. Her natural wavy hair was just that. Her smile was at its best mode, constantly drawn on her face. She wore lovely emerald blue earrings, matching her bouquet of flowers. Miltos inside his smart black smoky suit, black and white elegantly fitting and blending each other, appeared to complete the total outfit. Eucalyptus, daisies and roses formed a beautiful flower garden to work in. This lovely young couple decided to unite their love under the magical sunset in the church of saint Ilias located on a hill right above Greece’s largest lake in weastern Greece, called lake Trichonida. They waved goodbye to everyone as they left the church in an antique vintage styled car leaving happily ever after as they headed for the reception. A great party followed at the reception hall right beside the lake shore. Truly energetic I must note. Tears of happiness, laughter, passion, love were a few feelings depicted on that summer day in July. Our next day shooting found us in the island of Lefkada. we glided smoothly on the crystal clear blue water enjoying each breath, each melodious wave and crispy, hair – tangling breeze. We visited Meganisi, a small island located opposite the port of Nidri in Lefkada, capturing every corner one’s eye can reach. This islands boasts a beautiful natural atmosphere, as it is surrounded by entincingly emerald green waters. The love of this couple was specially portrayed through their smiles and sparkling eyes and wearing the simplest white shirts swim wear. The most wonderful timing to toast the day. Cheers to this lovely couple. I had an excellent time with you.